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If you're looking for an orthodontist in the Huntington area of Long Island, you need look no further than Dr. Inna Gellerman. Dr. Gellerman specializes in creating beautiful, spectacular smiles.

Our office is not just committed to excellence in orthodontics and providing quality dental treatment, but also in creating a caring, nurturing and fun atmosphere, one where the patients' needs always come first.

Dr. Gellerman is an orthodontist in Long Island who offers a variety of orthodontic solutions, including surgical orthodontics, Invisalign, SureSmile, Incognito and the Damon System. At our practice, we take the time to sit down and learn about your hopes for your smile. Then we take X-rays, make molds and create a plan to transform your smile from worrisome to "wow!"

Flexible Hours

We understand that you have other obligations and responsibilities. That's why we offer non-traditional dental appointments at our Huntington orthodontics office, like evenings and Saturdays, as well as workday hours.

We want to make visiting the orthodontist as easy and stress-free as possible. That way you won't have to take time off work or find a babysitter in order to visit the orthodontist.

Why orthodontics?

Why should you or your child have orthodontic treatment? Chief among the many benefits is creating a beautiful smile, one that will boost your or your child's self-confidence.

However, a big, beautiful smile isn't the only reason to opt for orthodontic treatment. Such treatments can help relieve TMJ disorder and jaw pain, can make it easier to eat and brush your teeth, and can also prevent teeth from wearing and aging unevenly.

What to expect

Our advanced orthodontics techniques let us offer you the most efficient and cost-effective treatments possible. You don't have to suffer with an over-bite, an under-bite, tooth gaps or overlapping teeth.

On your first appointment, we access the patient’s orthodontic treatment needs. We take digital 3-D X-rays and make impressions to best determine the right course of treatment. Best of all: the first consultation comes at no cost to you.

How does it work?

Orthodontics works by applying gentle, consistent pressure to the teeth, forcing them ever so carefully into their optimum positions. Everyone's mouth is slightly different, and this process generally takes from one to two years to complete.

After the orthodontics are removed, a patient will wear a retainer or mouth guard at night until the teeth are solidly in place in their new positions. All orthodontic treatments are painless, although patients may feel slight pressure on their teeth

Orthodontic treatment can be started at any age. In fact, between 20 and 25 percent of American orthodontics patients today are adults.

To schedule an appointment, contact us at (631) 427-8444. We want you to have the best and brightest smile possible!

Want another reason to smile?

Free Initial Consultation

You can also come into our office for a free initial consultation with Dr. Inna Gellerman. Make an appointment today, and discover how this Huntington orthodontist can help you get a spectacular smile, which can boost your confidence and improve your life.

Interest-free Financing

We know orthodontic work can be expensive, but we think everyone should be able to have the smile they've always wanted. Ask about our interest-free financing - that treatment may be more affordable than you think.