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If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment or leave us a Google Review. We’d love to hear about your experience!

Dr. Gellerman is a fantastic orthodontist. She has worked on both my children; the first one finished up earlier this year and my other child should be done with her braces early next month. She is highly knowledgeable and passionate in her field of orthodontics and goes the extra mile to stay on top of all the latest procedures. Her staff is extremely professional and friendly. I not only admire her as an orthodontist, but I also admire her entrepreneurial spirit, as her business is a reflection of her passion. Dr. Inna Gellerman is simply the BEST! I highly recommend her


Simply THE BEST! I am getting married in 12 days and Dr Gellerman and her amazing staff gave me the confidence I needed for my pictures! I have always been embarrassed by my smile but from the moment I stepped foot in the spectacular office I knew I was in the right place. The caring staff are always available for any questions I had, and I’m going to miss seeing their smiling faces! I feel so beautiful now and it’s all thanks to Dr. Gellerman.


Being in high school I did not want braces that everyone would see and say to themselves, ‘why does a senior in high school still have braces?’ With my Incognito™ braces, no one even knows that I have them, but when I tell people they say that’s the coolest thing they’ve ever seen, and they wish they had gotten Incognito braces too. Dr. Gellerman has done so much for me. She makes late-night runs to her office when I really need her. The staff always makes me laugh and they are all so sweet. They work so hard to make sure I have a beautiful smile and I am loving the results. Dr. Gellerman works hard to create beautiful smiles and happy confident customers who wear them.


A visit to Dr. Gellerman’s office is always a pleasure, with a lively, cheerful, interactive office and staff that always greets you by name. As a young adult, my lingual braces have allowed me to feel completely free of judgment and get great results at a time when my image is key to a successful social life and career. But above all, any office that’s willing to dress as tacos and salsa on a patient’s last day is all right by me


My experience at Dr. Gellerman’s office was always great. Every appointment was always so personal because of the great staff. The office was always decorated to be very kid-friendly and always had something to do while you waited. Never did Dr. Gellerman make my visit painful. My time at Dr. Gellerman’s office was always a pleasure, but I only wish to be there in her newly renovated office.

Sean M.

My experience with Dr. Gellerman and staff was great. Dr. Gellerman is truly an artist when it comes to fixing people’s teeth. My old smile is now a thing of the past, thanks to her. I can’t thank her enough.

Taina P.

This orthodontist is one of the most amazing doctors I have ever met! We love her ‘no tears’ approach with children, and the children love all the extra goodies she gives them! She did wonders for our son’s mouth.

Phil & Mary Beth K.

Dr. Gellerman, we feel very comfortable with you. Your bedside manner is awesome. My boys don’t have any problem with orthodontist appointments. Your warm, happy atmosphere makes the visits enjoyable. Your knowledge of your craft is comforting to parents.

Kate R.

Dr. Gellerman is the best orthodontist. She is kind and very gentle. She cares about her patients. Within the next few years my fourth child will need braces and she will also be coming to Dr. Gellerman. We are all very happy with her and would recommend her to anyone. In fact, my office always sends patients to her.

Megan M.

We couldn't be happier with Dr. Gellerman and her staff. They are always available in times of emergency, and return phone calls promptly. The atmosphere is beautiful and upbeat and the results of our daughter’s smiles are terrific

Carolyn S.

We have been coming to this office for three years and love the professional and friendly staff. Dr. Gellerman has a wonderful way with children and always takes the time to explain procedures, progress, etc., at each visit. Each visit is pleasant.

Katie & Kara O.

Dr. Gellerman, you guys are awesome! Dr. Gellerman, you are the best orthodontist I ever had and I am not just saying that. I have never been so happy about what my teeth look like. When I walk into your office it feels like home to me. When I am nervous, your staff makes me happy and I love their sparkling smiles.

Nicole B.

Dr. Gellerman, thank you for being so gentle and nice with my teeth. I know my smile will be beautiful once the braces come off.

Adina L.

Thank you for making a 40-year-old woman’s mouth looks like a 20-year-old’s. The office and staff exudes warmth, support, and laughter.


I used to hate to smile. Thanks to you, now I don’t have to worry. I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received. Thanks.

Kerrin S.

I would like to say thank you for my beautiful smile. All of you have made my one-and-a-half years a great, fun-filled experience. Every time I had an appointment, the whole staff made my visit a pleasant one. I will refer everyone I see with crooked teeth to Dr. Gellerman’s office.


Two years ago, I would avoid having my picture taken or even going out. Today I get compliments on how great my teeth look. You have given me so much more than you know. Thank you for being so understanding, you never made me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I will be back when my children need braces.

Diana M.

This experience has been ten times better than my three-year experience with my old orthodontist. The gap in my bottom teeth is now filled and all my teeth are now straight. Dr. Gellerman’s entire team really makes every visit a fun visit. All are very friendly and nice, and also very nice on the eyes! I will recommend to anyone to get their braces here, even if they don’t need braces. I never did get to play any video games; waiting time is very minimal. Thank you, Dr. Gellerman.

Louis Y.

I can’t believe the difference Invisalign® has made in my life. I have so much more confidence. I love to smile and I feel so pretty and so good about myself. Dr. Gellerman, you are the best.

Meredith D.

After 30 years of not smiling, I am now being accused of smiling all the time. I love my new teeth and it was worth the time and effort. Everyone at Dr. Gellerman’s office was wonderful. Thanks for everything.


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