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Spectacular Retainer Program

Losing or breaking a retainer is unfortunate. We offer a Spectacular Retainer program that has helped our patients turn a lost retainer into a useful experience. Here’s how it works:

The first time a retainer is lost, there is no charge, but there is a consequence: you will be asked to write a factual or fictional story about how you lost your retainer and you have to bake cookies for the office. Your story will be shared with other patients and families through the “Lost Retainers” books in our reception area, so be creative!

Don’t want to write a story or bake cookies? Then we’ll ask that you pay the replacement cost for the retainer: a fee of $250. Remember, we would rather read your story and enjoy your cookies!

This option is only available once. But we have found that once our patients write a story and bake cookies, they are extra careful about where they place their retainer!

SPECTACULAR RETAINER PROGRAM - How I Lost My Retainer. What is your story?

If you need to laugh, read the three volumes of “How I Lost My Retainer. What is your story?”

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