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Your Free Online Assessment from Dr. Inna Gellerman

Tell Dr. Gellerman About Your Smile In This Quick and Easy Test.

1 How would you rate your smile, on a scale of 1 – 10.

2 Are there any particular teeth that are of concern to you? If so,can you describe them?

3 Have you ever worn braces before?

4 How can we contact you?

You will be able to upload the photos on the next page.

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5 Last step - upload your photos.

You can also email them later to

How to Take Photos?

You’ll need a cell phone and if possible, a friend to take photos so that Dr. Gellerman can give you a free online orthodontic assessment. If there are particular teeth or areas of your jaw that you are concerned about, please add those photos as well – the more information you give us, the better we can answer your questions.

Facial Profile

Start by taking a photo that will show us the complete outline of your face, from your forehead to your neck. We want to see if you have an overbite or underbite, and how your jaw shows in profile.

Facial Front – Smiling

Make sure that your entire face, from above the hairline, to a bit of your neck, show in this photo. And smile big – we want to see how your smile appears to others.

Facial Front – No Expression

We need to see your facial features, so relax your lips and be sure that we can see your entire face in this photo.

Upper Arch

Take your cell phone and place it nearly inside your mouth to take a photo of your upper teeth from below–what we call the Exclusial Upper. You may want to have a friend do this.

Lower Arch

Do the same for your lower teeth – the Exclusial Lower. Make sure to retract your tongue so that we can see as many of your teeth as possible.

Intraoral Right

You can use a teaspoon (bowl side facing your teeth) or your fingers to pull one side of your gums away from the right side of your teeth and take a photo that shows us as many of your teeth as you can.

Intraoral Left

The same as your right side, pull your lips away from the teeth and take a photo.

Intraoral Center

This last photo should be pretty easy – make a big smile and using your facial muscles, pull your upper and lower lips as far back and away from your teeth as possible.

Remember to send any photos of any special areas of concern – a missing tooth, a tooth that’s sticking out from the gums, etc.

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